Rock Stage Support

Our services

Our WordPress management offer includes periodic and automatic updates to the WordPress Core. In addition, we offer cache storage and provide constant improvements to our infrastructure, which allows your website’s speed to be better under our host than on competitors.

All our customers also have daily backups, protection against hacker invasions, code injection and DDoS attacks blocking, and proactive notifications in case of virus detection.

Customer support channels

Our support staff is available to help you during business hours. Our support is provided via chat and email, which are integrated to the Rock Stage platform.

To get in touch with us, just use the interrogation mark button at the top right corner of the Rock Stage interface at any time.

During business hours, our average response time for the ticket is just a couple of minutes. Outside of business hours, you can still get in touch with us through the platform and your request will be answered by our experts on the next business day.

Despite our average response time being highly effective, you can also get help even faster by searching our Help Central. For instance, in case you have questions on how to use any of our hosting features or would like to configure your website’s DNS, that is the best place to find such information.

Rock Stage coverage

Our support staff is always happy to help you with any of the following problems:

  • issues found while trying to use our platform’s features, such as website backups, test sites, and SSL problems;
  • WordPress updates — we have periodic automatic updates;
  • server error message investigations;
  • migrating your website to Rock Stage;
  • specific error investigations to make sure the server is not the cause of the problem. After such an analysis, we will share our diagnosis so you can work with a developer to solve issues that are outside of our support scope.

Antivirus policy

All websites hosted with Rock Stage have an extra layer of protection: we have a malware identification system that searches for vulnerabilities every week. In case a suspicious file is found, we will send a notification to the website administrator with this information to provide speed to the cleanup process.

We guarantee the security of our infrastructure by fighting hacker invasions and blocking DDoS attacks — we stop your website’s resources from being used for purposes other than your customer’s access, which makes sure the server is not overloaded and becomes unavailable.

However, we cannot guarantee the reliability of third-party plugins and templates that are installed on your WordPress. Because of that, we recommend you keep them updated and always try to use products and services from trustworthy businesses on your website.

Experts at your fingertips

In addition to our hosting service, there are other subjects about which our support staff is happy to provide expert advice. However, the client is responsible for the following actions:

  • template and plugin configuration;
  • search and replacements operations in the website database;
  • domain mapping configuration for a multisite network under WordPress.

You will still need a developer

Rock Stage offers a hosting platform that is optimized for WordPress and the necessary tools to manage and run your website. However, we do not assume the development responsibilities for our customers. Because of that, there are some demands that are outside of our support staff scope, such as:

  • changes in your website’s appearance;
  • changes in your website’s content;
  • changes in template and plugin functionalities in your website;
  • installing or updating plugins or templates;
  • problem-solving unrelated to hosting;
  • website optimization for better performance on search engines (SEO services);
  • website code optimization or plugin and template configuration to improve your performance with website speed tests, such as Google PageSpeed ​​Insights or GT Metrix;
  • code audits;
  • any code editing — we are happy to help you identify a PHP file that is generating a fatal error and deactivate the template or plugin that is causing issues to get your website online again. However, the code correction to fix that error depends on the template or plugin’s developer;
  • migrating your website to another hosting service.

If you have any questions, just ask!

We are here to help. Therefore, if you are unsure whether our support staff covers your issue, do not hesitate to open a chat ticket and ask.