Nakata is a manufacturer of auto parts for the replacement market for light, heavy vehicles and motorcycles, has been present in Brazil for over 65 years. It has a complete line of suspension, transmission, brakes, engine and motor parts components, and is a leader in the aftermarket in the line of suspension pivots and CV joints.

The company

Having been selling automotive parts to the Brazilian market for over 65 years, Nakata is a pioneer and also one of the oldest and most traditional in Brazil. Even as a long-time company, the automotive has not stagnated the market in which it already dominated, but has sought to innovate over time. So a partnership was made with rock for about 2 years to leverage its digital marketing strategy. In order to bring even more the results obtained with the new strategy in July of this year the partnership was expanded also joining the rock stage taking the performance of its strategy to another level by bringing significant changes to the blog.


A good SEO performance is finding the keywords your persona is looking for and bringing them text aligned with your search to best solve the user’s problem. But nowadays, to have a good positioning in SERP, it is also necessary to offer the best user experience. And to fulfill that goal good performance is essential. This point was made even more evident from the speed update launched by Google in January 2018 which now counts the mobile speed of the site as a direct ranking criterion. Thus, to further expand its results, Nakata joined the Rock Stage. Thus, relying on the performance and the help of a specialized hosting they could have the security of a high speed site guaranteed.

Migration Results

Thus the blog optimized for performance brought the necessary environment for an exponential growth in search engine presence. This allowed Nakata to increase the presence number from 7100 keywords to 13235 with the aid of Stage. This change sharply affected organic traffic bringing an increase of 1129%.


“Since the beginning of our relationship with Rock Content we have been passionate about the methodology of the work they offer. From the four-handed construction of the content strategy, the definition of personas and then the way they understand and propose content for each persona they want. we have always been very professional and we understand that this symbiosis is very important because it makes them both learn from each other and with that make the work really outstanding and the result is there! When we migrated our platform to Rock Stage we had incredible growth rates, such as 7,100 keyword volume, an excellent rate to 13,704, which added to 1,161.2% growth in organic traffic in the quarter over the quarter. have made sure that we are really on the right track. “