Lyceum is a platform that consolidates the installed student base with user-friendly platforms, information integrity and ease of integration with other systems.

The company

Techne is a technology company, systems developer for Education, Government and Health.

Believing in the transformative power of education and the role of educational institutions in changing people’s lives and developing society, they developed the Lyceum system.

Many educational institutions have unnecessary costs for internally developing management systems, so they lose focus on the student.

Lyceum enables these costs to be split between different customers, and the experience of working with different companies has led, over time, to the establishment of best practices that enable academic, administrative and IT teams to focus on strategic growth, on student success and innovation.

Thus, to show educational institutions the importance of a mature, robust and flexible educational management system to develop the pedagogical area, attract more students and retain them needed a functional website with a fast and efficient blog thinking about the best experience. of user

Lyceum has assigned Rock Stage the task of increasing the performance of his site.

The partnership started as a result of the following problem, even though it is a company that works directly with technology, Techne has focused on developing solutions for its customers, so the Lyceum website and blog infrastructure was put in the background.

This was because there was a heavy reliance on the IT team to perform these functions, and even though the site was important to the company, the infrastructure team was not dedicated to taking care of it, as it had priority to serve customers.

This situation impacted the following points:

  • Scalability
  • Autonomy for the marketing team
  • Site performance
  • Uptime.

The contract with Rock Stage guaranteed for Lyceum:

  • Scalability – Infrastructure follows the growth in site visitors
  • Freedom for the marketing team to perform their duties to the best of their ability
  • Website load speed due to infrastructure optimization
  • 99.99% uptime SLA.


“The biggest benefit Stage has brought us is increased conversions and blog performance. What’s more, the creation process is very simple and intuitive!”

– Diego Oliveira, Senior Marketing Analyst

Rock Stage Migration Results

Performance gain

Migrating the blog to Rock Stage brought great results, generating a load time of just 1.9 seconds, plus stability – which is guaranteed by contract.


Autonomy for the team

With a secure, outsourced infrastructure, the marketing team – which previously had to worry about making requests to the IT team – can now focus more on strategy while developers continue their efforts to deliver quality solutions to their customers!

Design Change

Since the goal was also to provide an improvement to the user experience to bring even more credibility to the blog, along with the migration was made a change to the blog template. This has been changed to one from Rock Content, which is fully optimized and focused on conversion. Here’s how it went before and after:



Immediate Results

Since migrating to the Stage, there has been a 20% increase in blog traffic. This is because Google prioritizes well performing pages. In addition, we noticed a considerable increase in lead conversion as a result of the template change.



“The search for expert partners in their fields is fundamental for sustainable growth,” says Diego Pinto, Head of Marketing at Lyceum.

“We had already increased Lyceum blog traffic by 1,960.37% by 2018 compared to 2017, combining our digital communication strategy with Rock Content content marketing services. Therefore, Rock Stage and the new blog theme came to add by contributing to the performance gain and CTR improvement in the first month, ”he says.

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