IClips is a management software made for communication agencies, we are the most complete solution that integrates all sectors of an agency, from project management to financial management.

The company

IClips is a management software company specializing in facilitating the work of communication agencies by organizing and integrating service delivery processes for agency affiliate customers.

This integration is practical and fully integrated and interactive and is done through dashboards to facilitate the control and arrangement of interactions delivering complete reports.

Thus, a company that proposes technological solutions where the main value proposition is practicality, having a fluid website was fundamental. Thus, to give credibility was crucial pages that convey a great experience through their performance.


But even with this need, what was experienced was not consistent with the proposal. This was because the site had a very long load time, especially in the mobile version.

The consequence of this was that even by adopting all good SEO practices and a consolidated strategy the results would not come. The blog already had a relevant frequency of publication, but even so, the positioning did not rise as expected.

As a result, even with quality content in the air, iClips still lacked the visibility needed to achieve the desired growth as traffic did not rise in proportion to the efforts expended.

Migration results

Knowing the importance of quality hosting for website performance, iClips has migrated to the Stage which, in addition to having a WordPress performance-optimized infrastructure, also takes care of internal site performance optimizations.

As a result, the migration was responsible for bringing the site performance that the company needed to achieve the desired results. Check below the current site speed:


I understand the situation of iClips is visible the results that a good performance of the site would bring. Now with a fast and optimized website, the efforts of the marketing team came to the desired results.

With just 2 months of stage migration site traffic increased from 21,219 monthly visits to 30,833 visits. A 45% growth in sessions. Check it out below:


“Migrating to the Stage was one of our marketing team’s right strategies this year, our blog is our main lead and customer acquisition asset, so it’s essential that we have Stage to host and ensure iClips blog performance. . “