Homini Lúpulo is one of the largest craft beer blogs in Brazil that has been helping brewers across the country with their productions since 2011.

The company

Homini Lupulo is a craft beer blog created in 2011 to educate people about the craft beer universe, focusing primarily on people who want to make their own beer.

For a blog whose primary purpose is to report, increased traffic becomes the most important metric for measuring site success. Since the more people access the site, the greater the visibility of the blog before those who intend to produce their own beer.

Thus, Over the years the blog has gained authority and become a reference in the digital environment, and today it is the largest blog of beer niche in the country, with over 150,000 pages visited per month.


Since traffic was the main objective of the blog, the strategy adopted by the Homini Lupulo team was the constant production of content with the vision of reaching the search engine’s top positions.

Thus, the excessive focus on content production has left other equally important areas for ranking out. Among them, the site performance, one of the most important factors for ranking since the last updates that has given more weight to the loading speed of the site mainly for ranking in smartphones.

This factor has become increasingly influential with the change in the behavior of those who consume information, leaving the desktop aside and increasingly sticking to mobile, the traffic base coming from mobile grew steadily, reaching numbers of about 65%.

The consequence of these events was a 70% progressive drop in total blog traffic over a short period of 4 days. The causes were clear when they received a message from the no search console saying that the cause of the decreased traffic was the low mobile experience on the site.

Right after the crash, the first solution we sought was to improve the mobile experience, blog structure, and performance (speed) with the Rock Stage team.

Migration results

With a mission to make up for lost traffic, we at Stage focused on improving the parts that were previously overlooked. This way all efforts were made to improve the user experience especially in the Mobile part.

Thus, this optimization process had as its priority two main points, Performance and Usability.


Blog design is fundamental to many aspects. In addition to influencing the experience visually, it is also responsible for both loading speed and driving the reader through the site. Understanding the importance of a template for performance, we changed the template used to one fully optimized for conversion and usability, see how it looks:


To address traffic loss issues, the increasing mobile performance was a priority, so a lighter theme, along with a fully structured hosting optimized for the best WP results, brought Homini Lupulo unmatched performance. Check it out below:


“We changed the blog template and migrated our hosting to the Stage, and in a matter of days our traffic has resumed daily growth and we have recovered valuable positions that we have lost in the last two weeks.”