Acoplast is a company that has been manufacturing and marketing mechanical transmission elements for over 20 years for all types of industries.

Acoplast has increased security and website traffic by changing hosting.

Because they are complex selling products with high technical standards, it is crucial for Acoplast that the user has a good browsing experience and is able to resolve all their questions regarding all these products and services quickly and in an easy way.

Thus, delivering more quickly what the user is looking for is a competitive differential for the company.


Thanks to Stage, I am sure today that my site performs well and that we can deliver a good user experience!

— Rafael Farias, COO



Because they are complex selling products and high technical levels, for Acoplast, it is essential for the user to have a good browsing experience and to be able to solve all their doubts regarding all these products and services, quickly and conveniently.

Thus, delivering more quickly what the user is looking for is a competitive differential for the company.

Rock Stage Migration Results

Website and blog speed

One of the goals set by us at Acoplast was to improve the loading speed of both, site and blog pages.

So, as seen in the image below, after migration, the blog went from a load time of 6.3s to 1.4s and had other improvements, such as:

  • Smaller page size
  • Total number of requisitions required;
  • Increased PageSpeed ​​Score.

In addition, the site went from a speed of 10-12 seconds to a load speed of less than 3 seconds.

Fully redesigned blog design

The second goal was to bring a blog that was fast, easy and convenient to navigate and usability for the user.

This way, today’s articles are easier to view, have publication dates, and an interactive banner with the latest posts that have been posted. That is, it became much more interactive and dynamic for the user.

In addition, load time, page size, and number of requests also decreased, increasing blog performance.

See how the blog is currently:

Also, see the same article below in the old model before migration on the left and on the right in the new model after migration to Rock Stage:


The ultimate goal was to make users able to navigate both desktop and mobile without being penalized for it.

Thus, shortly after migration, clear improvements have been noted


“Hiring Rock Stage was part of Acoplast’s strategy to improve site and blog usability to bring the best user experience possible.

However, this process was not easy as all pages would have to migrate to a new platform and could lose several pages and consequently traffic in that process.

However, choosing the Rock Stage was very cleaver decision, as the company has highly competent professionals who know what they are doing.

So this whole process, which could be extremely complicated and tiring, was done in a very simple and practical way, avoiding possible headaches that we could have throughout the migration.

And that was just the beginning of the partnership between Acoplast and Rock Content, as we were very pleased with the service provided! ”